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SURMA SURMA Song: Guru Randhawa Feat. Jay Sean | Larissa Bonesi, Vee, DirectorGifty | Bhushan Kumar

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Gulshan Kumar and T-Series presents Bhushan Kumar's "SURMA SURMA" song, featuring Guru Randhawa, Jay Sean and Larissa Bonesi in the video. This groovy track is penned and sung by Guru Randhawa and Jay Sean. #SurmaSurma #GuruRandhawa #JaySean ♫Song Credits♫ ♫ Singer - Guru Randhawa ft. Jay Sean ♫ Lyrics - Guru Randhawa ♫ English lyrics - Jay sean ♫ Composer - Guru Randhawa ♫ Music - Vee music ♫ Music co-produced by - Dj Blackout, Dj Money Willz ♫ Mixing & Mastering - Cross Flow recordings ♫ Video – DirectorGifty ♫ Costume (Artist) - Anisha Jain ♫ Costume (Dancers) -...
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