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Aadatein - Doublemint Freshtake Season 1 | Shivangi Joshi | Nikhil D'Souza | Suraj Roy | Gaurav D

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A soft romantic ballad in the voice of Nikhil D'Souza, composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar and written by Anurag Bhomia, 'Aadatein' is THE LOVE song of the season! A song that reflects the emotions of an introvert falling in love and experiencing a change in his or her life - finding a purpose, a sense of stability, hope and a gradually developing new meaningful connection with life itself. A song that expresses the new feeling of falling in love, realising the beauty of togetherness, experiencing the freshness of hope and the beginning of - "Nayi Aadatein". Transforming this thought into a...
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