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66.2k Likes, 1,273 Comments - kristen bell (@kristenanniebell) on Instagram: “I wasnt feeling lazy today until i saw THIS!!! BRAVO!! I love this so much! ⠀ There are no limits,…”

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I wasnt feeling lazy today until i saw THIS!!!\nBRAVO!! I love this so much! \u2800\nThere are no limits, only hurdles to jump over, mud to tread through, walls to climb, and chains to break!\u2800\nThe power of our mind and determination is beyond our comprehension. \u2800\nDon't reach your goals because it's "cool", surpass them because you MUST. \u2800\nSUCCEED BECAUSE THE WORLD NEEDS YOU TO. \u2800\nHUSTLE because to truly and purely LOVE, you have to BE and DO your BEST.\u2800\nLet's get it!\u2800\nMuch love\u2764\ufe0f\u2800\nCredit: @woody_belfort \u2800\nMusic: Alive\u2800\nMusician: @iksonofficial\nReposted from @prince_ea
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