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2 Likes, 0 Comments - McKenzie Westmore (Tatopoulos) (@mwestmore) on Instagram: “Fun #workoutwednesday & #tbt to being bored between takes of @thelookallstars ! I’m hoping this…”

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Fun #workoutwednesday & #tbt to being bored between takes of @thelookallstars ! I\u2019m hoping this airs at some point! Come on Mina!! What\u2019s going on??? No one got paid so at least Air it!!\nIn other news: If there\u2019s a chance to exercise I will find it! \ud83d\ude02 so much fun with @jeffreydoesmyhair ! I miss you!!\nDon\u2019t ever miss a chance to work on your health. Even if for 5 minutes and in heels! Hey if Mariah can do it so can I \ud83e\udd23\nComment below if you\u2019d try this (which I don\u2019t recommend unless well trained in heels \ud83d\ude33)\n#thelookallstars #makeovers #fitnessmotivation...
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