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Is Pencilmate Locked Out? -in- LORD OF MOR-DOOR - Pencilmation Compilation for Kids

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All doors lead to Pencilmation! In our GREAT OUT-DOORS Pencilmation Compilation 0:00 - DOOR TO DOOR Pencilmate makes his way through all kinds of doors. 2:34 - FRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER Pencilmate’s fridge has a mysterious problem… 4:43 - HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS Harry Potter Pencilmation style is back! Follow Harry in our summed up version of the second book. 8:20 - NOT SO SILENT NIGHT Stocking duty is not going that well for Pencilmate… 10:25 - ORIGINAL PENCILMATION RETURNS Pencilmate and the Pencil in what they do best… a crazy nonsensical episode with monsters, doors and...
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