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Voldemort: Origins of the Heir - An unofficial fanfilm (HD + Subtitles)

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Enemies of the Heir...BEWARE! - SUBTITLES AVAILABLE! Click on the gear icon and select your language! - Share a picture of the moment when you watch the film with the hashtag #WatchingVoldemort on Instagram. We will post the 9 most popular moments on our page! Instagram: Facebook: Website: CREW: ---------- Gianmaria Pezzato: Director, Screenplay, Editing, Visual Effects Stefano Prestia: Executive Producer, Sound Editing, Foley, Sound FX, Practical FX, Props Michele Purin: Cinematography, Camera Operator Martina Segatta: Production Manager Manuel Venturini: Set Assistant, Drone Operator Silvia Dalpiaz: Scenography Sonia Strusi: Makeup Matt Steed: Score Anna Visigalli - Corte11:...
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